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WHOLESALE (Minimum 1 carton= 12 Pairs)
Hurtownia obuwia COVRA
ul. Bagienna 36c
70-772 Szczecin
NIP: PL9550005295
Phone: +48 914644660
Mobile: +48 502055363
E-mail: covra@wp.pl
Mon-Fri 8-15, Sat 8-12


New collection

Orders in the COVRA-shoe wholesale can be made in a following way:

We accept orders only
-through our Internet gallery
-personally at our headquarters at Bagienna 36c in Szczecin

All price inquiries you should place at www.covra@wp.pl or by phone Monday through Friday 8 a.m.-15p.m, Saturday 8 a.m.-12 a.m.
- +48 513-438-289
- +48 91 -464-46-60

If you ask for quotation per mail or by phone you should give us the picture number, that is displayed if you put a cursor on the picture. After a short time of cooperation we will send you our code chart-a price list. The shield with number on each picture is not a price. This is a code of the price, that you will read without contacting with us. This is a very convenient and appreciated way of pricing by our customers.

If problems should arise, please contact us at covra@wp.pl

We stress, that the minimum order volumen is 1 carton, i.e. 12 shoe pairs in one color. mostly in the following sizes: 36x1, 37x2, 38x3, 39x3, 40x2, 41x1.

IMPORTANT: The orders from the internet gallery are acepted 24/7, on Sundays and on holidays. The order cycle is closed each Monday at 10 a.m

Ordered products from the stock in Szczecin are shipped every day from Monday through Friday. The products that are ordered from the Internet gallery are shipped on Thursdays-the products are at the customer’s place next day. All products are shipped by DHL. You can pick up them personally during the opening hours Monday through Friday 8a.m.-15 p.m, Saturday 8 a.m.-12a.m. in Szczecin, Bagienna 36c

Phone: 91 464 46 60 (Monday-Friday: 8 a.m-15 p.m, Saturday. 8 a.m-12 a.m.)
Mobile: 513-438-289 (Monday.-Friday: 8 a.m.-15 p.m, Saturday 8 a.m.-12a.m)
Mobile: 502 055 363 (Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-15 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m-12 a.m.)
E-mail: covra@wp.pl (24 hours)

We invite you, to cooperate with us!
COVRA - shoe wholesale

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