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WHOLESALE (Minimum 1 carton= 12 Pairs)
Hurtownia obuwia COVRA
ul. Bagienna 36c
70-772 Szczecin
NIP: PL9550005295
Phone: +48 914644660
Mobile: +48 502055363
E-mail: covra@wp.pl
Mon-Fri 8-15, Sat 8-12


New collection

Orders and inquiries from abroad can be made in a similar way as by domestic customers.

Discrepancies are as follows:
-we accept your order after 30% of the shipment value was booked at our account. We must be sure, that the bought products that are shipped by us will be picked up by the customer abroad.
-Before placing order we ask for an e- mail contact, so that we can present DHL -shipment prices to your country
-the terms for order transaction are shorter and if the products are out of stock we give you a reserve list that complements the required quantity from the main order

You should send all inquiries at covra@wp.pl before you place an order!!!

We invite you to cooperate with us!
COVRA - shoe warehouse

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