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WHOLESALE (Minimum 1 carton= 12 Pairs)
Hurtownia obuwia COVRA
ul. Bagienna 36c
70-772 Szczecin
NIP: PL9550005295
Phone: +48 914644660
Mobile: +48 502055363
E-mail: covra@wp.pl
Mon-Fri 8-15, Sat 8-12


New collection

COVRA ist a wholesale for shoes and purses. WE DO NOT RETAIL. We ship and sell at our location. We invite you to our headquarters at Bagienna 36c, where you can order personally and pick up your order.

The COVRA-shoe wholesale has been operating on the market since 1999. During this time we have developed good working standards with our partners-both producers and customers, who are in the main focus for us.

As a first wholesale from the northern Poland we have imported shoes from the Chech Republic since 2002. COVRA -wholesale is a pioneer in the shoe import from Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy and France, as well.

Such a rich experience made possible for us to choose the best shoe models and a long time of cooperation with our partners allowed us to negotiate the lowest prices for our customers.

We invite you, to cooperate with us!

COVRA shoe wholesale

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